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5 Must-Haves For The Perfect Work-At-Home Station

Article written by Interiorig

Working from home and telecommuting can feel a bit drab. This is especially so when your so-called work space is full of children’s toys, a loud TV and it’s shared with every member of your family (and the dog).

Luckily, there’s hope, so don’t despair! You can have a stylish home office without investing crazy amounts of time and money. Get ready to live your best work life! By aiming for these 5 must-haves, your new work-at-home station will become one of the highlights of your day. Productivity, here you go!

1. Choose the right space

This one can be tricky, given more and more Americans live in fairly populated cities where every square feet adds zeros to their monthly rent. That is why it is important to get creative when choosing the space for the perfect work at home station. Your home office can be a bespoke retreat where you get away from the noise and enjoy productive moments of alone time.

Look at your home objectively: do you have a space where a desk could fit? Somewhere to be moderately alone in a quiet space? Is it possible to close a door or a curtain to have uninterrupted time? Good choices for a home office space include: a desk in a guest bedroom, a big walk-in closet you’re not using, that lonely sitting room nobody ever goes into, or even a corner in your own bedroom.

2. A good chair and desk

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect spot for your home office, it’s time to start with the furniture. If you’re going to be working 35+ hours per week, having a proper chair and desk is paramount!

There are a lot of options to choose from, so don’t get overwhelmed. Nowadays, finding luxurious office furniture that also respect basic ergonomic rules is easier than ever.

Start by shopping around your home: this means making sure you don’t already have a desk and chair that could work. A simple table and a comfortable desk chair from the kid’s playing room are usually enough.


3. Good lighting

Research has shown that natural light increases your productivity. One of the best things about working from home is that you can place your desk near a window. No more boring, dull cubicles! With enough natural light, it will be easier to feel motivated and work whenever you need to.

On the other hand, don’t forget about lamps! You’ll need proper lighting for overcast days and in darker seasons. In this case, your typical ceiling lamp alone won’t cut it. A versatile table lamp like the Emlyn offers a nice, soft glow and adds a personal touch to your office nook.

4. Beautiful accessories

One of the perks of having a home office is that you can personalize it to fit your distinct sense of style. Whether you want a luxurious retreat to work or a fun, quirky space that brings you joy, you can have it! Let go of generic décor and transform your office into a unique nook full of personality.

To make your work at home station stand out from the crowd, add some carefully chosen accessories. Beautiful abstract sculptures that play with volumes and empty spaces like the Whistle and the Lifetime are a great choice to add a sophisticated touch to your space. Adding a lush wide-leafed plant brings exciting color and an outdoorsy vibe to your décor, while a couple of exciting prints add visual interest to your walls.

5. Hide your cables

Nothing trumps a sleek office like a tangled mass of cables behind the desk. Fix it by running a power strip to avoid extra cables lying around. You could also drill a small hole on the top of the desk to thread the cords without them being a mess all over the place. It’s an easy fix that transforms a run-of-the-mill home office into a bespoke work at home station!

What else do you think is a must-have for the perfect work-at-home space? Let us know!