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9 Stylish Home Improvements You Can Actually Do While Stuck At Home

Article written by Interiorig

Being stuck at home doesn’t mean drowning in a pile of dirty laundry. As an interior design lover, you can take this as a great opportunity to revamp your home! These stylish home improvements are straightforward enough to do without needing extra stuff, and you can easily knock them out in a day or two.

1. Paint the front door

What’s more exciting than being welcomed by a brightly colored door? Bold front doors are in style, and it can be an easy way to showcase your unique personality. Whether you choose a contrasting color or want to match with your flower beds, this is a simple trick to up your home’s curb appeal. You don’t even need special equipment: just grab a gallon of paint, a brush and you’re set!

2. Label everything in your pantry

If you ever wanted a Pinterest-worthy pantry, this is your time. Without the daily commute or having to take the kids to school, taking an afternoon to revamp your food storage game is actually possible. If you don’t have special pantry containers, ransack your kitchen and find some functional Tupperware. It might not be as pretty, but you can label every item with beautiful calligraphy.

3. Mari Kondo your sock drawer

Now is the time to be your best self: Mari Kondo your sock drawer. This involves not only choosing what stays and what goes, but also a very specific way of folding. It might sound like a lot, but the results are worth it: what’s more Instagrammable than a bunch of neatly folded socks and underwear?

4. Make a capsule wardrobe

You too can live life like a minimalist influencer! Make the most out of the extra time and take a hard look at your closet situation. If you’re like most of us, it’s probably full of stuff you haven’t worn in ages. It might be the right moment to do a capsule wardrobe: a limited collection of items that don’t go out of style. Some people choose 50 items (including shoes!), some people go bare bones and just pick 15. Whatever your number is, that’s how the rich do their closets (think Steve Jobs).

5. Create a gallery wall

Give new life to that boring wall and showcase your favorite portraits! To spice up your décor and give a bespoke feel to your spaces, gather all your framed portraits and family pictures to create a unique feature. Whether you want to stay with geometric forms or would rather get more creative, the sky is the limit! 

6. Refresh your home office

Your office at home can also be a stylish, functional space that fosters productivity. To make your new office space appealing, start with a good chair and somewhere to place your laptop. To add a personal touch, use whatever furniture and add-ons you already have! It can be as easy as creating a hub with your chargers or prepping a snack station to avoid the frequent kitchen trips.

7. Create a meditation nook

Nothing better to transform your home into a bespoke retreat than creating your very own meditation nook. To start, pick up a space where you can take a few moments and be quiet. Then, choose a couple furniture pieces from around the house that could work well. Finally, accessorize! Try some items with soothing forms and calming colors. The Freud’s calming lines and open spaces will help your mind center and stand still.


8. Paint your bathroom cabinets

Has your bathroom seen better days? Give it a much-needed facelift with a simple coat of paint. It seems easy, but this fix can immediately transform your bathroom into a luxurious space full of personality. Pick a neutral color to create a relaxed vibe, or a bold hue for an original touch.

9. Multiply your garden

If you already have some plants, why not make your garden bigger? Adding more green foliage to your interiors adds a subtly stylish touch to your spaces. Whether you have plants in containers or on the ground, dividing perennials is relatively easy. Mints, water lilies, lavender and peonies handle this well. Just make sure you have enough space or extra pots to place them in!