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How to Add Art Deco Into Your Home

Article written by Interiorig

Incorporating art deco in a modern-day apartment is surely no longer as hard as one would possibly think. The trends in current indoor décor have all over adopted a number of factors from the fashion that came into a crescendo of popularity more or less than a one hundred years ago. There is a warm and comfortable feeling you have when your living room is well arranged and organized with beautiful lightings and sculptures. When you first enter a home or maybe your friend or your colleague at work, the first thing you notice are the interior designs, especially the living room, since you might not get past there. You either appreciate the lightings and sculptural designs, the arrangement, as well as the organization. 

Interiorig sculptures and lighting products are quality and exceptional home décor designs, that gives your home an attractive look and feel. Mind you, the number of sculptures in your home does not guarantee beauty, even if you have a lot of sculpture in your living room, it can still look ugly. Before you can start putting together art decor in your home, you have to consider a few factors such as color, pattern, texture, location, arrangement as well as interpretation or meaning your decor would be portraying.

One may even be tempted to mention that the sharp strains and the geometrical shapes are sincerely greater at home in a cutting-edge placed at the appropriate position. Somehow, the suitable nature of art décor sculptures, in widespread, reminds us about the events and heroes in the past, much more than it reminds us about the future. The following tips would help you in incorporating different types of art inspired décor to give your modern living room the century-antique style with immaculate perfection.


The suitable antique Plant Inspired Sculpture is an incredible method to welcome the artwork decor fashion style into your modern room. Simply select a plant sculpture from the large selection of sculptures at Interiorig, it is a stunning modern sculpture that takes up the shape of a fruit tree. Each branch is hand-molded and each round copper leaf is hand-made as well, hence, you can strategically place in specific positions in your bedroom or living room. The plant inspired sculpture to act as the accent piece inside your living room and drives attention. In general, modern plant inspired sculptures that particularly favors sharp angles in interior designs and furniture will be well suited to spruce up your living room, giving it a feel of glamor and luxury.


Another minimal method to incorporate art decor in modern homes is to certainly hang or dangle a piece of art created with the aid of an artist within the art deco world. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a single piece because you could hang a couple of art sculpture in the living room, for instance. Aside from a wall placing a piece, additionally, get a huge print with a beautiful platform that you could hang the sculpture and make it lean on the wall. Our Twisted Abstract Fiberglass Sculpture is interestingly a swivel circular fiberglass sculpture, perfectly balanced and beautifully sculpted with a solid base. You can as well use lightings to serve as a spotlight for the sculpture. It helps to ultimately give your home a sparkling look. Our Handmade Hawk Iron Sculpture made of rigid steel and molded into free-flowing wings. It is a stunning brass material that gives your home a stunning addition. Our Shapeless Paradox Sculpture is a golden structure beautifully matched with its black marble base. Stretches of metal extend and interweave themselves to create a harmonious spherical shape that can be easily hung. 


Now, if you are not acquainted with the art deco sculptures, you might have been ignorant, given that they range quite broadly from the geometric nature of the general structure and designs. Even the art itself is quite exclusive and plenty of extra colorful than artwork deco statues and sculptures. The Egyptians have been the first to include art deco of their very own sculptures, art, jewelry, and lots more, observe that, you will often see the two being molded collectively to symbolize every other sculpture. An art deco sculpture might be an amazing way to enhance painting and wall clock you have in your modern room. These sculptures appearance looks more like artwork and less like geometric shapes. Choose your sculpture wisely and make sure that it represents something about you, or it's a bit of artwork that’s by hook related to an event. For example, our Black Panther Sculpture is a piece that speaks about an event. It is a stalking black panther to adorn your side table. This is the same for our Two-Edged Figurine Set made with resin and remodelled through craftsmanship. These statuettes will look stunning in your home and add a touch of elegance.


If there is one aspect other than lightings that represent artwork decor with perfection, certainly being pure artwork, it would be the furnishings. The number of options you've got right here is pretty remarkable and they all look suitable in most homes. Even while a dressing table or a sofa designed in art deco looks strikingly exceptional in a cutting-edge living room, it’s for the right reasons.  Bold styles and highly-priced furniture can drive home the antique appearance, taking you again to the Victorian generation. Experiment with patterns like stripes, polka dots, and florals and pair them with solids to tug off a classic appearance. Interiorig lounge chair Carnaby is just what you need to bring a vibrant hit of color into your home. Replace your old corner chair with a gorgeous show-stealer and turn what might have once just been the extra seat in your home into the centerpiece of your living room. The lounge chair Battersea features a stunning diamond-shaped back and unique angled legs. Made entirely from steel wire, the chair is strong and durable, while an accompanying seat pad ensures that the chair is not only stunning but comfortable too.