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Lighting Ideas for Your Living Room

Article written by Interiorig

The living or family room is usually a type of multipurpose space where we spend a lot of time with friends or family. It is a place to entertain, watch TV, read, or just relax. Believe us when we tell you, proper lighting is essential. When planning lighting fixtures for the living room, it’s important to correctly incorporate illumination emerging from various assets which include table lamps, floor lamps, spotlights, and recessed lights. This is why we came up with these lighting décor ideas for your living room, which will remodel it to have an absolutely fabulous look.

Table Lamps

First and foremost we have to talk about table lamps. These ones come in all shapes and forms and are super accessories that can enhance the feeling of luxury in various styles. For example, dimmers and 3-way switches are vital for controlling the lighting fixtures depth. For an extra formal or conventional look - region lamps or, if you're feeling adventurous, fix two matching lamps on a buffet table to create a strong focal factor. We could talk about many points to follow, like how symmetry is an important feature in a conventional design, but it is time to show you one of our favourites - Interiorig Emlin. It features a minimalist curved stand, which brings light into the heart of your space! 

Lamp Shades

Now, this is very important. Did you know that a light lamp shade made of translucent material, will not only bring gentle and subtle lighting fixtures to the room, but will brighten it noticeably as well... However, if you are looking for a more dramatic effect a dark lampshade out of some opaque material is a way to go. Actually, many designers recommend using black somewhere in your space to add greater depth and richness. Interiorig Charing Cross is the very definition of a “modern twist”. This lamp will add just that to your home. Coming in either white or black, it will not only perfectly suit your living space, but will add that something extra to it as well.

Floor Lamps

floor lamp is a great furniture piece for a living room and there are hundreds of wonderful designs to choose from. They add a sturdy vertical detail to a room. No matter the style you choose, the most important thing is to have the perfect light in your home places. For this reason we share with you this Japanese inspired floor lamp that will get your guests talking - Interiorig Brookman. It is made out wooden material and usually used as a studying lamp. 

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are usually every other shape of ornamental accessory lighting that delivers interest to the perimeter of a room. However, when dimmers are included, they also suggest a wonderful way to control the mood of the gap. Wall sconces are a kind of wall art and they make a perfect addition whilst positioned along either side of a mirror or wall photo. For that we offer you Interiorig Noak. A perfect piece with a stunning and minimalist design. 

Recessed Lighting and Spotlights

Recessed lighting fixtures, also known as pot lighting fixtures can be used for standard or accessory lighting. In the living room, recessed lighting fixtures typically positioned close to the fringe of the space. The use of many pot lights is from time to time criticized as creating a ceiling that looks pot-marked.  Unless a celestial appearance is desired, avoid scattering too many recessed lights throughout the ceiling. They would probably distract from the ground location in which the focal point is needed. 

In conclusion, there are not only endless options for lighting in your home, but it can also drastically change the way a room feels. We hope you find inspiration in our unique collection which was handpicked just for you! 

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