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Stuck At Home? Easy Home Improvements To Deal With Isolation Anxiety

Article written by Interiorig

Is the isolation getting to you? Being forcefully cooped up at home is stressful enough. Add to that the fact that we don’t have a clear idea of how long we’ll have to stay like this and anxiety becomes second nature.

Besides the usual eating better and focusing on the positive, you can use this time to do home improvements to deal with isolation. Research shows that by focusing on a single task, you’re giving your mind a break. It’s the exact idea behind meditation, but easier to do than actually taking an hour to breathe in and out. You’ll end up relaxed and with a stylish home; what’s not to love?

These simple home improvements are easy to implement and will take your mind off of your worries.

1. DIY tea and coffee station

A coffee station makes it easy to prepare your daily (or hourly) cup of joe. By having all your coffee or tea fixings in one place, you’ll have a barista-worthy kitchen. Gather up your supplies: a coffee maker, electric kettle, coffee and tea bags is all you need. Add some mugs, put everything on a tray and voilá!

2. Clean your drier ducts

If your drier is taking longer than before to do its job, it’s time to check the ducts. Getting rid of the lint won’t only streamline your laundry, but it can actually save your home. In fact, according to the US Fire Administration, around 15,000 fires every year start in the laundry room.

To clean your drier, pull it out and, with a slightly damp cloth, remove all visible lint. Then, take the duct out and vacuum it as best as you can.

3. Stop the squeaky sounds around your home

Make your home a peaceful retreat and fix the unwanted creaking. If your doors squeak, add a little bit of WD-40 to the hinges. Some people advocate for a little bit of olive or canola oil to grease their doors as well. If your wood floors are the problem, sprinkle some baby powder and sweep it into the cracks. Repeat as needed.

4. Patch holes on the walls

Fixing up dings and blemishes can be very relaxing. Plus, it’ll leave you with beautiful spaces to hang new stuff, and the certainty of getting your security deposit back. Win-win!

Armed with a putty knife and a surfacing compound, repairing holes and minor imperfections is easy. For larger holes, add an adhesive patch first. Just wait until it’s dry to add paint!

5. Organize your important documents

Storing important documents together and in a secure place is key to keeping your peace of mind. In the event of an emergency you can just grab them, knowing all passports, statements, visas and other valuable papers are with you. To start, gather all your documents and scan them, then place them in a waterproof folder. If you want to be extra cautious, buy a fireproof safe and store them there.

Maybe focusing on simple tasks isn’t working. If so, it might be worth it to make some lifestyle changes to help you soothe an anxious mind. Here are some easy ideas you can accomplish while still socially isolating.

  • Add a seating space to your bedroom. For those dealing with anxiety-related insomnia, it’s key that your brain associates your bed with sleep only. If you like to work or read in bed, it might be worth it to create a seating nook in your room! Rearrange your furniture, take that sitting chair nobody sits on and add good lighting like the Emlyn lamp.

  • Create a dedicated workout space. Exercise is essential to deal with stress, but it can be difficult to workout if you have to move the couch and the coffee table every time. Make it a seamless experience by clearing up a space that’s always ready to go: even a hallway can work!
  • Wash dishes by hand. Focusing on a simple task is an easy meditation strategy. Concentrate on the soapiness of the water, the texture of the sponge, and you’ll see how relaxed you are after cleaning the kitchen.

We hope some of these ideas help you deal with isolation anxiety. During these times, it’s important to act on the things we can control, and luckily, your state of mind is one of them! Let us know if you have any other home improvements that help you stay relaxed in the comments below!