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The Interiorig Story

Our Call

Interiorig brings you unparalleled access to unique designer pieces from around the world. Our team has searched the globe for creators with a sophisticated approach to interiors. What we bring to you are pieces unique in flavor, contemporary in style and, most importantly, display excellence in craftsmanship.

It all started with our own desire to ensure our spaces were full of beautiful things. When we discovered that those beautiful things seemed to be elusive locally, we set about finding a solution. With the rise in modern home builds, we realized that what we wanted was what many other homeowners were searching for too.



Our Promise

State-of-the-art spaces call for minimalistic, clean accents. Not only can finding those pieces be difficult, but once found, they can come at exorbitant costs. Our collections help eliminate those barriers to designing a unique contemporary home by providing you with easy access to world-class designs. Our pieces marry luxury with airy and bold structure to bring you the designs of the future today.

We believe outstanding design can and should be accessible to those that don’t have the time to scour the globe searching for the perfect piece. That philosophy is the seed that created Interiorig. We love what we do and pour that love into every collection we curate. We aim to help you design a space that promotes wellness, beauty and functional style so that exceptional becomes your new ordinary.